Honey bees

photo(29)Honey bees are incredibly important pollinators for our nation’s food production. Honey bees and consequently our food supply are in danger. Neonicotinoids are to blame.  They are in common everyday pesticides that many farmers and plant grower use to keep pests off the plants.  The problem is that this substance is messing with the bee nervous system and is killing of the bees at an alarming rate. It is closely related to nicotine and we all know how that effects humans!  Here is a list of products containing neonicotinoids so that we as consumers can choose not to use these products in our own garden.

If you would like to plant your own garden to help the honey bees find clean food here are some things to consider:

  • Try to find starter plants that have not been treated with neonics
  • Plant your own seedlings
  • Use only organic herbicides and pesticides  (better for your health too)
  • Learn how to attract beneficial bees here
  • Learn how to plant a bee garden here at the Honey Bee Conservancy

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