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Or call us at (303) 709 4912

We are a private farm and wedding and event florist, but we also love to offer our flowers to the general public. 

We offer:

pre-order arrangements (same day arrangements are only available if we have the supplies in stock)

-Florals, and wreaths at all the major floral holidays and events including, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Prom, Thanksgiving and December Holidays.  As part of our community offerings, we often try to donate part of our proceeds to various individuals and organizations in and around the community. See the “buy flowers” link at the top of the page to order.

Funeral floral arrangements. See link at the top of the page to order or call us directly.

Summer flower subscriptions for weekly fresh farm flowers.

-Bi-weekly subscriptions for homes and businesses where vases are traded out each week.

-We are looking forward to stocking a year-round floral cooler at Salida Garden Supply, 1242 C Street, Salida, CO by Mother’s Day 2024!

Contact us with a message or click the link above if you need flowers!