Blue Berries and Fog

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Morning fog, something that we rarely experience in Colorado, was what what we woke up to most mornings in Maine on our vacation.  It is a mysterious, magical and sometimes eerie feeling of not being able to see what is coming at you or what is there just beyond sight.

Similar to future goals and wishes and hopes, sometimes we are so caught in the fog of not knowing, hoping and wishing that we forget to experience the beauty of the fog itself.  We forget to enjoy the time we have now and forget to experience family and life and love in the here and now.

In the fog in the mornings in Maine were hundreds of gorgeous flowers, lively birds, chirpy bats, blueberries, butterflies, thunder and lightning, sailboats, seashells, fireflies, tennis courts, corn on the cob, friends and family (both new and old).  I challenge you all to experience your fog just as much as your wishes and hopes for the future, because when you blink the fog could be gone, as well as the magic and the mystery.


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