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Planting Tulips – 3 generations

It is truly a family farm venture. Grandma, mom, and daughter all in the soil planting tulips.  We made it happen in November and started our first farm bed, made with straw bails and lots of compost and topsoil.  Hoping to increase our production this year for the many weddings already on the schedule.  Funny to grow as part of my client color schemes, but makes planning a garden that much easier.  Deep purples and hot pinks for the Spring.  More subdued whites and blues and pinks and yellows for the Summer, and then lots of burgundy and terracotta and ivory for the Fall.  Can’t wait to get things in the ground and get growing!








Our Farm!

Well, two kids and many iterations later, my husband and I have decided to make a business out of growing flowers and providing unique weddings with locally grown flowers with an eco-conscious perspective.  In October we realized,after living in the Tucson Desert, that we really needed to be back in Colorado, where there is crisp air and an abundance of mountain creeks, so we moved to Salida, Colorado.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision.  We hope we have found our forever home. We are establisihing “Phytology Flowers” wedding flowers and flower farm.  We plan to use all organic practices and bring our children up in a safe healthy environment filled with beauty, hard work, and love.